I get it, movie, the girl is possessed.
Don't condescend me


"A Woman attempts to exploit the human experience to use as a dataset for a program that will generate an infinite number of scenarios through machine learning. Unfortunately, as the computer continues to fail, the people contributing to the dataset start running out of ideas."

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I could flatten my dick with all the sexual tension in the TL tonight

I was here ALL night, especially from 22:00 to 22:15

wait shudder is a horror-only streaming thing? :O
i'm taking donations for this very life or death thing

I flew too close to the sun but what if
bussy blenderata

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presenting my newest invention, the bussy dentata

every time I hear "palo alto" I'm like: a boner joke for a city name? well played... wherever that is

I have never not freaked out when duolingo says "your daily german reminder"

reminder to self 

it's not real it can't hurt me it's not real it can't hurt me

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