I'd like to write in my bio that my political thing is that I'm a wankie but everything is code for nazi nowadays and I just don't have the energy to Google it and make sure it's not

my Ikea story 

there's no Ikea here

wow turns out that word means so many bad things

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@Lofenyy wait a second, loferiño!
it just hit me (in the ass)
you said you keep trying to use linux commands on windows, as crazy at it sounds, you almost never need to use commands on windows. just search on the interweb what you want to do and there will be a tutorial.

ratio of windows to linux tutorials 1000:1 (made up by me)

top 10 companies' sassiest twitter account 🤮

Thank god they invented swords to fight the water bottle invasion.

Hair (1979) is about hair. But you already knew that.

everything bad from scifi has been gradually becoming real, get ready to eat human-based cookies, I guess

Can't believe a search for this gives 0 results:
I'm trucking to you
Come on

What if we started the "Doing nothing" highschool club?

people who describe themselves as "owner" of their instance exude certain cosmic darkness

I think the at structure should be like this:

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