@vestal @pyxis text me when the time comes for shenanigans i will not be on the TL. But I will return for shenanigans. i got stuff to do

@vestal @pyxis ya... it’s just homework so i’ll still be “online”... see you soon anyway!

@vestal @pyxis done. it was easier than i expected! just let me know whenever you’re ready!


@galaxybrain @pyxis damn that’s awesome, i am making my post dinner tea soon..... how about 9pm we resume that modern show

@galaxybrain what every college freshman looks like bumming a cig off a senior

@pyxis Yes. jackie is 16 or 17 at this point as well. however once again keslo has SO MANY PROBLEMS

@pyxis did you ever think the way you and midge act like idiots might be screwin’ her up?

@galaxybrain i love laurie's farrah fawcett hair. also my dad had a farrah fawcett poster during this time period

@pyxis which character would your dad have been like... i know my parents were both total Eric’s

@galaxybrain i have no idea honestly. maybe a mix between hyde and kelso. anyways, he turned into a red

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