thinking people can easily live “waste-free” and shaming those who don’t is bourgeois white supremacy in action


i once watched a video on facebook that featured a white girl in a nice brooklyn apartment talking about how all the waste she produced could fit in a mason jar and the majority of that waste was music festival bracelets and a single bandaid

i’m thinking about a low-income patient trying to change their lifestyle after a diagnosis. they go to the store and try to buy broccoli, but you can get an entire plastic sack of broccoli florets that are cut and ready to cook for a better price than buying individual heads of broccoli.

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i’m thinking about someone who has a significant disability who requires constant medical care around the clock and whose treatment requires the use of single use plastics

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i’m thinking about a single working mother who can’t take the time to drive to a high-end organic bulk grocery, but who can take the time to go to her local supermarket, which sells goods like grains and beans and cereals in non-recyclable packaging

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i’m thinking about the houseless person whose only reliable source of toiletries comes from donated mini hotel shampoos and conditioners

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i’m thinking about the people who live in towns and counties whose governments don’t give a shit about funding recycling programs or timely waste management

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please if you want, add experiences here which align with the near impossibility of waste-free living

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@vestal not everyone can take public transit and in most places it's not fare free (so the fares usually generate some waste)-- and so people need cars, which are expensive, sometimes the cheapest way to get transportation is to get 2 or 3 20 year old broken corollas and swap parts between them as they break. having a huge pile of parts is pretty much the only way to do most technology cheaply, since you never know what's going to break, but that means waste, too...

@vestal ...unless you have enough space to hoard, which has its own disadvantages

it's capitalism that's wasteful, much more than individuals, we're all doing what we can


@vestal using toilet paper is not waste free, if I go into a waste free house and wipe my ass, I'm putting it in their fucking jar

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