if ur thinking about seeking online validation and comfort as a white person please dont. keep it to yourself no one wants to hear it. that shit is unacceptable.

great book you should read about forming racial identity and how white people relate to its destruction. its called "why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria" by dr. beverly tatum

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"While the task for people of color is to resist negative societal messages and develop an empowered sense of self in the face of a racist society... the task for Whites is to develop a positive White identity based in reality, not assumed in superiority.... Each person must become aware of [their] whiteness, accept it as personally and socially significant... in the context of a commitment to a just society" (Tatum, p. 94)

"The cognitive dissonance that results is part of the discomfort which is experienced at this point in the process of [abandoning racism]. ... Responses to this discomfort may include denying the validity of the information that is being presented, or psychologically or physically withdrawing from it. The logic is, 'If I don't read about racism, talk about racism...or spend time with those people of color, I won't have to feel uncomfortable'" (Tatum, p. 98)

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"I am sometimes asked why [White consciousness-raising] groups need to be made up of Whites only. To many Whites it seems inconceivable that there would be any value in participating in all-White discussions of racism. While of course there is value in cross-racial dialogue, all-White support groups serve a unique function...Even when White feel comfortable sharing these feelings with people of color, frankly, people of color don't necessarily want to hear about it" (Tatum, p. 111)

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"Racial identity never really ends. [A person at the level of racial self-actualization] is continually open to new information and new ways of thinking about racial and cultural variables.... Even when active antiracist thinking predominates, there may still be particular situations that trigger old modes of responding. Whites, like people of color, continue to be works in progress" (Tatum, p. 112)

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now that i've provided you with quotes straight from a book about racism and racial identity, specifcally the chapter about whiteness, please read it and weep

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@micrackbiron it’s a really really good book!!! very clear and concise!

@vestal tbh I am not a person of color, but I am always trying to learn and want to change. However I have faced prejudice for my religion in the past!

@micrackbiron i’m sorry to hear that.... it’s continuous a learning process

@vestal thank you! I think it has helped me relate to other oppressed groups!!

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