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paying nurse practitioners less than doctors because of the healthcare path they chose and how many years they spent in school is just another way society can pay women (of which the nursing field is vastly composed of) less than men for the same work

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Happy Pride Month! Our community would not exist without black people. If you think there are some “good” cops you don’t just stand against black people you stand against the whole LGBTQ community, no matter who you are.

turned 22 years old today... not bad for a bitch with no talent

Aquele lembrete semanal que se você quer apoiar uma pessoa preta não binária e que faz jojinhos você pode ir lá no meu padrim e me dar uns trocados que eu vou ficar muito feliz :3


Olá! Sou ardydo, uma pessoa preta não binária que faz jojinhos além de outras coisas!

Meu conjunto de linguagem preferido é -/-/- mas também gosto de a/ela/a e atendo por o/ele/o por que a gente usa máscaras né?

Mas eu amo e defendo linguagem sem gênero como a que to usando :)

i used to make my bratz dolls kiss each other

dont fall for these dipshit cops protesting with everyone. they are only doing it to gain intel and/or arrest people. if they actually cared they would quit their job. #stillACAB

bratz dolls have posted a statement on their instagram about the current events

Boost if you can. Demand justice for Tony McDade, a black trans man who was shot five times in the back by a Tallahassee police officer.

just made these. making more and might make them into stickers to pass around. use as you want, just give credit so ppl know where to find them.

same as above goes for these. use as you want, credit me/ bewitcharts if asked, it’s nbd!!

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please don’t shame people for deciding to leave the protest before or at curfew. a lot of people cannot risk being arrested and bail funds might only go so far

just in one of those moods where I'm marveling at the existence of language

well pride month just started here and i wanna say to my fellow white queers that we cannot switch focus entirely now and forget about the protests going on.

we need to support our black siblings with whatever they need, for as long as they need it, because they've always supported us, because we have a shared interest in opposing the cops, and because of course, it's simply the right thing to do.

we got our rights through riots, and we got our rights through the work of black queers

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