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Mabel Keaton Stauper was a pioneer for racial equality in the nursing profession pre-World Wars. Stauper’s resilience led to the eventual desegregation of the US military, allowing black nurses to finally care for American soldiers, patients they were banned from treating. Stauper also founded a clinic for African American patients stricken with tuberculosis at a time when other institutions refused to do the same.

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this is estelle massey osborne, the first african american woman to get a master’s in nursing from columbia in 1931

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sojourner truth and harriet tubman were nurses

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this mary eliza mahoney, the first registered african american nurse in the states. she finished training in 1879

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this is mary seacole, a jamaican nurse (doctress) who worked tirelessly in the crimean war providing herbal remedies to soldiers. once overshadowed by florence nightingale, seacole has now been honored in jamaica and her story has been added to the uk’s national curriculum.

just saw a picture of nixon, couldn’t remember his name, thought i succeeded when i remembered “mitt romney”

I found my short story from college that made the yuppie couple taking that short story class so mad they didn't bother to finish reading it and explicitly told me so. I got their snotty remarks printed on a t shirt that I wore to class the week after which is maybe the pettiest thing I've ever done

i am a:
⚪ Man
⚪ Woman
🔘 Miserable pile of secrets

@flowless I mean, he probably is into your MILF attracting energy.

@flowless that means he's picked you as his running mate

was hanging out joe biden and he smelled my dick, is that weird

all my cishet friends are now unintentionally furry adjacent 😈

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