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@sporks if it’s not from the booté region of France it’s just sparkling butt

Current status: being a bug on and watching Night of the Living Dead, which neither of us has seen before


My favorite thing to do with frozen pizza is to put a fistful of arugula on it at the end so it wilts a little bit. Everything better with lefa

I have no idea what's going on on fedi but my ass is sparkling

opening produce loot boxes on my twitch stream and absolutely flipping my shit every time i pull some broccoli out

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Finally some ass content: we have installed our new bidet

My town is having a heavy shooting star night so the gates are open, DM for Dodo


I realized this morning I have a big mango and a bunch of homemade yogurt and that means mango lassis are in our future!

So exhausted after shower that I couldn't think of the word "underwear" and all my brain could come up with was "junk empanada." And now this is my gift to you all

anyway i went to twitter to check on friends bc covid and then protests/uprisings started plus i'm in a really bad pain flare for the last several weeks, so i don't have enough brains for multiple social media platforms rn, so that's a thing
i'm sporks over there too if anyone needs anything :)
<3 u all

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