hello fediverse

if you have like, two minutes, please consider filling out this survey i have to do for school

it's about how many books you read. don't worry if you don't read books very much, that's actually one of the things we're looking for

it's a google form. sorry


@monorail last 2 questions don’t matter for me I don’t read, never have so don’t even know what I’d like :psyduck:

@sidd_harth0_5h4h honestly i'm not extremely concerned with everything being perfectly accurate

we're just hoping to get enough responses to draw some kind of conclusion about our hypothesis, even if it turns out that the conclusion is "we were wrong'

@monorail depends on the scope, steam only or student only, after high school education or not, level, etc a lot to think & consider for surveys; I’ve had to learn about surveys in a subject 🤐

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