So people gonna recognize Southern leftist organizers who have been doing work of getting voting access AND doing radical work?

Looking at how the FBI is raiding protestors homes in Atl even as votes are counted.

I remember people getting upset with me cause I am down to do jury duty to prevent people from going to jail because that is working with the State.
Southern leftists cant be ideological puritans. We organize with our communities to fight the State while also using State practices as harm reduction.

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@Cyborgneticz I’m considering to work in the government 🤫

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@sidd_harth0_5h4h I mean go for it.
I know plenty of leftists who work in city planning and such.


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@Cyborgneticz I’ve a lot of time left for that, first have to finish my study, immigrate, etc

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@Cyborgneticz I’m pragmatic I guess 😳

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