important question for all my homies, mufos, and comrades #onhere 

can I follow you on spotify?

If I were a communist I would simply try very hard not to give up

women will literally post "holly your paws are so big 😍"

if i open the slider pierogi will be entertained all day. and if not, he'll find something to play with. worst case scenario he brings me a toy he wants me to throw for him

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Since Frankenstein and Sherlock Holmes are both public domain you could write a book where they explore each other's bodies

I feel like American food culture is like, an extension of that

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Selfie, eye contact 🧑🍊 

I was born to be ginger. No, seriously. Literally a redhead since birth.

(Boosts ok by the way 🀩)

Well the YouTube results are mostly garbage :| we press on

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