@IsabelleHellraiser i'm so sorry but all I can think of is Superman by Goldfinger


Can anyone can spare two disabled queers money to order in some food PayPal.me/tessoftime

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Learning how to live in a house with beings that are 20x your size must be an adventure.

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"Why can't I be excited for food/pets without things falling from the sky"
--Wraith right now

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Yesterday I dropped one of the (metal) food bowls while getting the cats' dinner ready and it startled Wraith so bad that I had to spend a solid two minutes reassuring him, and now I just dropped my wallet on the floor while he was asking for attention and I feel like the worst cat daddy on the planet.

it's my birthday next week and i would like to get some 3D printed bobbins for my e-spinner but they are £23 each + postage and i am an unemployed little dude so if you would like to contribute the price of a birthday coffee or other beverage i will give u a little pat on the head for being a good pal


(no u didn't see my deadname but also that's not gonna be my legal name in a few weeks!!!)

or even better description: the hips and back legs of a small brown terrier emerge from under a cozy blanket and are doing something between kickboxing, tap routine, and running

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@sidd_harth0_5h4h @checkervest he can post whenever he wants to - it's up to him when he has something to say

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Don’t wanna go to school but I’ve no choice; already kicked the bus driver’s ass, the train drivers’ asses & the customer service ambassador’s ass, on my way to kick professors’ asses, faculty’s asses & students’ asses

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