here are some levar burton replacements for the drake emojis if you want them for your instance

um one second the max emoji size is 400 x 400 right

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important to note that this was 's suggestion

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@pillowcat @setup these are completely inscrutable at emoji size so i don't really want to add them as-is

might edit them to be like the drakemojis but not right now

@melissasage @cambrian_era @setup it's kind of hard to tell the geordies apart when they're scaled down, could someone do an edit?

@setup this is amazing, thank you! I’ve been meaning to figure out how to add custom emojis to my instance, and this is the push I needed 😎


:blobthinkingcool: I feel strangely tempted to pinch the first image to resize it in my phone rythmically as synth music is playing in the background.

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