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i write poorly on purpose here!! i’m conscious not only of every error i commit but also every gauche stylistic choice my posts contain. it’s all part of the package

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sorry i really can’t sleep. played too much mario and it messed with one of my lobes or something

wanna hang out in real life?? i promise to stay in a tree or otherwise far away from you at all times. it’ll be like i’m not even there. i’m just lonely

trying to combine the words “eugen” and “aubergine” in my head but it isn’t happening. might need a smidgeon of Brain Force Plus before i can get those gears turning again

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kind of unrelated but still interesting 

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them: what app is that?

me:'s just a social media thing...

them: oh? Can I-?

me: no no! this is, uh, a network for gay witches for communism. you wouldn't be interested...

i like myasstodon and i like cryptids. i also like these are my opinion’s

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toot! is a lovely app but i wish it didn’t convert your cw into normal post text if there’s no text in the post body

Hey you lil' piss baby, you think you're so fucking cool? Huh? You think you're so fucking tough? You talk a lotta big game for someone with such a small truck 

feel so clean like a lightning mcqueen

me after i find out that the producer of hit american t.v. drama The Newsroom is terribly afraid of water: heh heh heh..... hes gonna be more like Aaron Soakin by the time im done with him

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oh, you again! haha! it seems that we keep bumping heads. maybe we should rub them together or something. lol

imagine if yoshi could skateboard. no one would have a wife after that because theyd all be leaving their marriages for yoshi

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hanging up the posting spurs and retiring to a normal life of crying and feeling emotions.

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important to note that this was @muppetbutler 's suggestion

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