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it’s hard for me to believe that it could have been depended on with any semblance of security & reliability. i think it *makes sense* that this os development class teaches concepts in the context of what older versions of linux do, but it would also be hilarious if we were to try doing driver development for an older windows system

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windows 9x is a monstrous program. just an absolutely calamity

@saladeredux i remember as a child i thought that explorer.exe could be used as an alternative to internet explorer and tried uninstalling ie

if you remove the .dll used for rendering HTML from a windows 98 installation the file browser will completely break

the good old days when Windows Script Host could do literally, absolutely anything it wanted to any file on your computer and microsoft didn’t think that was a problem

@saladeredux it's MY computer i should have permission for EVERYTHING

why is computer storage so hard haha we're only at 64 bits just make shit 128 bit and u just doubled your storage hahaha nerds

say it with me: filesystems 👏 should 👏 not 👏 support 👏 permissions

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life is like having a delicious noodle in your mouth being slurped up into your tummy (sometimes). it is like this whenever you are eating pasta

sabrina's avi always looking behind me over my shoulder is unsettling

what if we 👉👈 had a friendly hug

@saladeredux it's just a square pyramid for very round definitions of square

i like triangular pyramids better than square pyramids what about you

I don't think we've properly appreciated how inherently funny the term "galt's gulch" is

can you imagine the sophistication of having a desktop PC in your bedroom during the 1990s...

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