some of you should stop focusing on "re-education" and start focusing on "education" firsthand

@dankwraith ok but i actually just found an even older version of the course from 1998 that assumes all the projects are being completed on “SGI workstations in the lab”

i don’t think they use openGL in the course anymore actually that was from the 2008 syllabus that i found

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i am so excited to take computer graphics next semester. i will become an openGL wizard

@saladredux hello sabrina its me i plahed mario cart last night and picked funky kong and i got 12th, 11th, and then 2nd!!! wow

no post ideas but i’m bored... who has something to share with the class


@saladeredux It doesn't matter how many times you ask, I still don't know what happened to the Chloroschemata. One second it was there, the next second it wasn't. I know, I was the only witness, the cameras went down, but you've seen the reports. I was searched, immediately, in every way possible, searched in ways no human person should ever have to undergo, and I can't possibly have taken it. I don't have any sense of time anymore in this windowless room, but somebody showed me the paper through the barred window a few days ago. It's been six years now, at least, since you threw me in here, and I still don't know anything about what happened. I don't even know why it matters so much! No-one knew what that thing did, right? We're lucky it *only* disappeared!

i’d like an administrator’s perspective on this...

ADMIN ANNOUNCEMENT: its fuckin nice out. who tryin to smoke

social dot illegal pornography dot com administration statement: hi, sabrina, how are you

i’d like for all instance moderators to issue a statement. its content is up to you

the three words everyone wants to hear 

adult homestuck instance

homestuck is an adult cartoon. family guy and homestuck are the same to me

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