hi audio nerd friends... my sister is getting a grant from the state to purchase some audio equipment for a project and she’s looking for a mixer as well as a decent quality studio microphone. i was wondering if i could get some recommendations

@saladeredux prolly something from shure or audio techinica but it really depends on what you want to record

microphones and mixer recommendaton 

@saladeredux Depends a lot on the price range...
We recently got the audio technica 2035, the price is around 153 euros, so kind of advanced beginners level but still decent. its a condenser microphone so its good for vocals and some instruments.
in that price range it seemed to be one of the best and so far we are happy with it, although havent tested it so much.
another one we were looking at was the rode nt1-a but overall reviews seemed to prefer the at2035 so went with that in the end.
not sure about other price ranges, not (yet) enough of an audio nerd for that!
also dont know much about mixers either, we are using a zoom h6 field recorder as an audio interface, useful for a home studio but misses some features of dedicated mixers. if you want top quality watch out that its 24-bit and not 16-bit. i heard there are mixers that also have the functions of an audio interface, more expensive but if the money is there that might be a good option. USB connection is probably handy either way if u use it in combination with computer...
just some thoughts.

microphones and mixer recommendaton 

@saladeredux i guess it would be useful to specify a bit more, eg should it be a small mixer with just a few inputs or more like a larger mixing desk where you can record many inputs at once and do most of the mixing on the console.
my personal setup is more based on recording few inputs at once and doing all of the mixing on the computer. so for this use case all I really need is an audio interface, I dont actually need to mix outside of the computer.
for a live situation on the other hand guess an actual mixer could be more useful.

@saladeredux what's the budget? And what is the mic specifically for? Vocals (Clean/Screamo?), Instrument recording?

A decent and 'inexpensive' for clean vocals would be the Rode NT1-A. Most beginners use this, as it is great for the price. No noise, good sounding. For instrument mics, it highly depends on the instrument.

@saladeredux I've heard nothing but good about the Shure SM7B, but it's on the expensive side. Depends on how large the grant is I guess.


Apparently Excelvan BM-800 is apparently top of the 'charts' as far as mics go. But as far as mixers I, personally, depending on the grant size, would go with Sony Acid Pro and a decent Creative sound card.

@saladeredux I'm not really familiar with mixers for studio use. But what is the use case here?

Usually, I would go for an Audio Interface with sufficient Inputs/Preamps and use the digital mixing in the DAW. So this is really up to how many concurrent devices you need to record. If you're thinking about scalability for later addition of extra Inputs (using DANTE & S/PDIF), that's another thing to consider.

Cheap, good, well tested: Focusrite Scarlett Series.

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