LINUS TECH TIPS: i am going to install SSD in computer???? (1.2M views)

LINUS TECH TIP: new FAST SSD can go in very OLD COMPUTER HOW???? (3.2M views)

LUINS TECHTIP: building COMPUTER for WIFE: Graphics Card??? SSD??????? (5.4M views

i have so little respect for every mainstream technology youtuber. they are like little worms to me

@saladeredux there was one where the guy just put a ton of hard drives in a (large) case

@saladeredux this was it:

like, 320TB in one machine is impressive, don't get me wrong, but I'm not sure it's 20 minutes of video impressive

@grant @saladeredux wow, so many hard drives. I didn't think there were that many hard drives in the world. Wow

@saladeredux you wanna really impress me you gotta get rod of the hard drive entirely. replace it with an easy drive

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