we’re not doing 4chan apologia though. if you were ever on there you still have to keep that shit to yourself

we are all trans next pick another struggle to shield yourself

it’s a math joke AND it’s anti-union. don’t you love to see it

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ugh probability joke 

associations of workers in the same trade or profession tend to make decisions in a very unjust manner, actually. haven’t you ever heard of the union-bound inequality

Cool Professor Shitpost 

Don't worry, fellow kids — the cool professor has arrived.

I get it: school sucks, right? Numbers? They're even worse. And attacking unfair structural hierarchies that keep us both entwined in an inherently unfair relationship that satisfies neither of our personal or professional needs? Boooooring. Let's get…

::Dons backward baseball cap::

::Sits backward on chair::

…cool. Let's rap.

oh my god. why is this image on the slides for today’s lecture. it’s literally a math class

ok i guess it doesn’t work here but you know what i’m talking about

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my mom literally does :badabing: this and makes a face like “what the hell are you talking about” if you do something stupid in front of her

Double Dash was good but I prefer Mario Kart Ultra

mixing different flavors of the “snack size” soup cans in a bowl

why isnt computer just one capacitor with a different voltage for every single possible state

we are so misunderst00d!!!!!! xXx learn da facts abt g0ths b4 u say something dumb on my page!!!

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