@yo @vestal

kkkkkkk - in a similar vein to "kukukuku" from japanese (not menacing though)

rs - an abbreviation of "(risos)" ("(laughing)")

rsrsrs - multiple risos

rss - that also works

hahaha - kinda fake, not enthusiastic, 0/10

auhauahauhauha - that's more like it! just alternate the letters "h", "u", and "a" in the keyboard

euheueheuheuhe - "hehehe" variation of "uahuahauha"

aposkaposkaposkaspk - I am a teenager in the 2000s

@romariorios @yo @vestal "hahaha" may sound fake, but is the closest that we got from actual laughing.

Also, I learned it from Turma da Monica comics, so IMHO it is the right choice

@romariorios oy, fuck you. i laugh with hahahaha and my laughs are legit as fuck. sdulhcfdkgfsk

i'll EXTEND the catalog

haha - when something is kinda awkward so you add a laugh

hahaha - hahahaha - a legit medium insensitivity laugh

HAHAHAHAAH - high intensivity laughing

aslhjahadhuoaoshdajo - or any keysmash, laughing a lot.

ASUOHDCXOADHSAUOSDAJA - any caps keysmash, critical mass laughing.

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