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I guess now is as a good time as any to talk about Brazil's internal Xenophobia against Northeast region, how eugenics played a lot into that, and maybe why it isn't all that surprising that Bolsonaro got elected

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So anyway, I could say a lot more about this, but it's already 2 am and the rabbit hole goes way deeper than that. I'm not a professional by any means, I'm just a dude, but I think this should
give you some insight on why, on the one hand, Brazil has all this rich, melting pot culture, but, on the other hand, enough bigots to elect Bolsonaro.

I really hope you liked the thread :D


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@PhoebeWallerPalladino looks away and smiles, waits for the crowd to cheer in that very american way, looks back at me, "im a little old for you darling", the entirety of his presidency this is brought up to justify everything he does

mass grave of Flowless alts found in Virginia

doing a magical girl transformation animation everytime i switch accounts

evil screenshot dunk, block recommendation 

check this dude out

my brain is ruined from rico posting “testosterone pronounced like an italian dried meat” smh

Yes, with Biden's inauguration we're going back to the status quo.


We're still dropping like flies from a fucking plague, cops are still shooting people in the streets, people are still being evicted, white nationalists are still organizing openly ....

Biden being inaugurated hasn't changed a goddamn thing. Quit acting like a miracle has just occured.

Prediction: Jair Bolsonaro repeatedly gets Covid and attacked by emus, in alternating succession, until he dies while taking a shit and eating a big mac at the same time

If you've ever considered mathematics a rational and level-headed field, consider:

Imaginary numbers are called thus because René Descartes didn't like them

"if you are having money troubles [read: are burdened with massive unpayable debt from some combination of medical bills, education loans, etc. and struggling to make rent two months in a row while eating only ramen], why don't you simply purchase a property [read: with familial wealth you are expected to pull entirely out from your anus] to rent out to tenants [read: people in your own economic class, actually] and make a little more coin [read: bleed some poor, hauntingly-familiar soul dry]?"

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if you tell a bourgeois about your money troubles re: having to worry about eviction etc. they will translate it mentally into the closest possible equivalent in their own lives, which is "oh bother, I have been living above my means and it is starting to cut into my savings, let me just rearrange my *massive wealth* to produce more passive income"

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