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I guess now is as a good time as any to talk about Brazil's internal Xenophobia against Northeast region, how eugenics played a lot into that, and maybe why it isn't all that surprising that Bolsonaro got elected

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So anyway, I could say a lot more about this, but it's already 2 am and the rabbit hole goes way deeper than that. I'm not a professional by any means, I'm just a dude, but I think this should
give you some insight on why, on the one hand, Brazil has all this rich, melting pot culture, but, on the other hand, enough bigots to elect Bolsonaro.

I really hope you liked the thread :D


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time, I think

Hi. I'm Romário. More specifically, Luiz Romário. Your local commie nerd.

I'm a 30 year old, white man from Brazil, state of Bahia, but I'm currently living in Rio de Janeiro for postgrad. I'm engaged to @lauriza, who's also from Bahia. I'm already an MSc, planning to enroll in the doctorate later this year -- if the fucking austerity measures don't stop me from doing so, of course. My research area is programming languages. +

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I like cycling to work when I'm not too scared of being killed by a car. I also like roaming around, getting to know new places (I often take a different bus just to go to a new place). I fucking hate cars and I wish I could personally end cars, one by one .

Uh what else

OH, I have a PSP. Please recommend good homebrew.

That's it I think. That was a bad introduction post. I'll improve it when I have better ideas. Thanks for your attention.

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@romariorios europe sucks so bad not even the royals want to be royals anymore

Europe acting all superior even though like half the countries there are still kingdoms

@romariorios Europe is also trash to its own citizens, but here its mainly against poor people and immigrants.

whenever an European goes to a youtube video about the fucked up US healthcare and comments "lol, it had to be America", all they're saying is "Hah! Foolish colonials. They think they can be civilized like us"

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yeah, the US are trash, but so is Europe. The only difference being that the US is trash to their own citizens as well -- which is just an effect of colonialism, so not surprising at all

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lmao fuck europeans acting all superior to US Americans like all their wealth wasn't earned by pillaging half the planet and their current welfare doesn't rely on the *still ongoing* practice of colonization

@flowless2 that shit is too big brained for me i never remember to add up to 5s

waiting for the domino game to start at the cook out

Assista a "RONALDINHO SOCCER 64 MEME" no YouTube 

Let it be known that this was my first exposure to the Ronaldinho soccer 64 meme and it was glorious

I can barely tell Americans and Canadians apart if I'm completely honest

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Besides southerners, I genuinely can't tell any two American accents apart

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