My nephew's grandma got him a Jesus Loves You praying bear... My sister is a witch...

Everyone else: I don't say what state I'm in bc I don't want to dox myself

Me: *shrieks loudly in Texas*

If Riley's Donuts is so good why isn't there a Riley's donuts 2

Oh wait

I've never had an authentic fruit Czech kolache but it sounds good

Texas kolaches are like pigs in a blanket but better

I need an infinite ongoing podcast about Scientology that is all.mockery of scientology

Thinking of studying dianetics as a galaxy brain jape

To all the young people of Mastodon: I know we joke around a lot, and I respect you all as adults, but I will say that I AM a bit older than most of you, I've been around the block a few times, and looking back on my twenties, I badly regret not learning any sleight of hand magic.

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