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I do not consent to the screencapping and archiving of my toots for later usage. This applies to all toots going as far back as my first toot made, including any replies. I feel violated by the idea of images of anything I say being just stored on a hard drive for purposes later. Much like an audio recording, you better get my permission first.

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jose is like totinos pizza rolls

a couple two three, pretty good. but you have them nonstop for years and you die of congestive heart failure

@cookie glad to see you back, i hope life is treating you a bit better

You’ve all been extremely generous and I completely understand if you’re sick of these posts, can’t help, don’t want to help or share, or whatever. But if any of you can help in any way, this is fucking important and if we miss either of those payments to the landlords, if we’re late by a single day, the debt gets doubled. That’s the shitty fucking deal our lawyer took. I really hate that this is the position we’re in, but we are.

Honestly, even if anyone has the money for me to borrow some portion of it, I’ll sign a contract and pay you back on a set schedule. I just really need to get this done.

To everyone who has already helped, to anyone who is about to help, and to anyone who has just tolerated these fucking posts, seriously, thank you.
Venmo: @steviemcfly
Cash App: $steviexmcfly

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you deserve to be happy . have a macaroni and chesey on sabrine

Welp, looks like I forgot to pay a bill. Sure wish I'd noticed before I spent that excess money WOOPS

Adding ACNH minis to my commission list. They are a nice warmup that won't get in the way of my other commissions.

If you want one they are $12USD

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