There's an associate I've never seen before who is wearing fucking flipflops to work

It's so busy out today, ain't motherfuckers got jobs or something?

fediverse xmas gift should be bullying graham linehan off mastodon a second time

too tired for but much love to my fellow enbies

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Still got an hour and a half of my shift today 😑

if mx is the neutral honorific, is a group of enbies a mixer (mixxrs)?

Not really Mr robot spoilers 

When you blatantly turn your walkie off during lunch cause fuck em

I'm going to fucking shoot myself I cannot deal with the annoying ass ppl at work

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White people do NOT have a monopoly on disability.

White people do NOT have a monopoly on being Queer.

White people do NOT have a monopoly on poverty.

White people do NOT have a monopoly on mental illness.

Your identity intersecting with marginalization does not absolve you of the access whiteness grants you. If your version of activism isn’t lead by the bottom tier of your marginalization then it’s just self interest.

Long ago, the fediverse nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the :myass: attacked.

There's this prevailing assumption a lot of white users on this platform seem to have that POC can't possibly understand things like queer issues, or CWs, or triggers, or autism, or PTSD and therefore said users will just gloss over any intersectionality.

White ppl on this site acting like POC haven't ever been queer, disabled, on the spectrum or mentally ill - not even once.

It's what so many of y'all tell yourselves to feel better about hassling POC users for not performing to your standards.

Saw an article about if white directors should make movies about black families... Which is a fair crit. Except it was written by a doughy white Catholic boy.

Couldn't find a black journalist to talk about black issues huh?

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the real Participation Trophy generation was the Boomers

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