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when euros first went to south america one of the ways they justified enslaving natives was because llamas are pack animals and not mounts unlike horses, which they thought was like divine proof god made them inferior. fucked up.

boosting garfposting on my professional account,

this is more of a comment than a question: have you considered that diarrhoea is a soup

hmmmmmmmmmm not to be a diaspora sadboi on main,

i'm honestly pretty unprepared for the possibility of puerto rico becoming a state because i just feel like that'll be the last straw and shitloads of white americans will move there to gentrify it to hell and just destroy all the beautiful and unique things about the local culture

i think my favorite spanish word is venceremos, it means "we shall overcome". it was a rallying cry in the spanish civil war and has been used by many different socialist groups in latin america


That's so cool

"Beginning her presentation with a traditional thanksgiving ceremony using coca leaves and the corn-made alcoholic drink chicha, she presented her study titled Yawar Para, or blood rain."

Great way to start a defense

i think @puertorico will MOSTLY be reserved for more serious posts about latinidad, history, and politics of latin america?
Student in Peru makes history by writing thesis in the Incas’ language, Quechua.
Scholars say it is the first time in the university’s 468-year history that a student has written and defended a thesis (answering questions from examiners) entirely in the native language – even though it is the most widely spoken indigenous tongue in South America, used by about 8 million people, half of them in Peru.

Check this out: japanese nobleman travels to Mexico in 1610 to establish trans-pacific trade relations, the journeys were documented in the diary of an aztec nobleman

"President López Obrador welcomed the announcement, saying it would benefit the people" this is actually cool and signals a pretty big policy change for AMLO!

black veil brides are alpha male sorry hunty you can't handle it *buffs nails*

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