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like sorry this rose emoji who got here two seconds ago isn't versed in the fifth international mao-trotsky dialectic or whatever

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physical health- 

bad pain day and utterly miserable trying to stay awake

not allowed to take naps tho. my uncle loses his shit if he catches me taking naps but i'm so exhausted.

gonna play minecraft and not deal lol

The South isn’t some endless wasteland of hyperconservative hicks. It’s large swathes of marginalized and often very radical people being repressed by far-right States which perpetuate themselves by disenfranchising most of their subjects.

If your "women and nonbinary" group excludes trans women and/or AMAB nonbinary people-- you're not running a "women and nonbinary" group, you're running a TERF collective.

every day i am so thankful that my boyfriend isn’t a sapiosexual

online culture is not recognizing your friends by their faces or irl names but by photos of their pets

In this house we DO punish toxic masculinity and its culture and norms

but we DON'T punish masculinity itself or masculine traits! >:3c

Food, whining 

I want a fucking strawberry poptart :blobangry:

@kiilas @Sapphicgiraffic Trevor Noah said that, until he moved to the US, he saw it as one monolithic country. After living in it for many years, he now realizes that it is at least 50 different countries pretending to be one big country.

Personally I think that might be a better explanation for why people identify by State rather than we see it as some sort of prestige thing. We tend to only be affected day to day by things on a state level.

Wet dog ec 

Took skipper out for a walk and he decided to go for a swim :3

travel, whining about finances 

kj and my family are really tryna push me go to Penn for the winter and i guess i wouldn't mind but i seriously have no idea if i can save/ raise enough money for the airfare, some winter-y clothes since i have lived my whole life in warm climates i don't really have a winter wardrobe, and like some emergency backup cushion. hrmph :blobcatglaredrink:

fucked my own head up imagining art laboe dedicating a sublime song to someone

online culture is not recognizing your friends by their faces or irl names but by photos of their pets

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