Claribel Ortega's Ghost Squad dropped today! Drawing on her afrodominican roots, Ghost Squad is a middle grade book described as "Coco meets Stranger Things with a hint of Ghostbusters"

i'm giving away 2 copies of ghost squad to voracious little bookworms, so if you're the parent of a kid devouring every book in their path, lmk and i'll send you either an e-book or physical copy. for probably obvious reasons, afrodomincan families will be prioritized. :boost_ok:

older sibling/ tio/ tia/ godparent can also snag a copy for the kid in their life. i just want kids to see themselves in fantastic stories, the way I never did, because the protagonists never looked like me or came from where my family is from.

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No one has claimed these books yet. Y'all. I'm giving out books, no strings attached. If you arent Afrodominican, you can still claim one. I just want kids to read diverse lit.

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I'll wrap this up on Sunday, probably so you have until then to get at me about wanting this book for your kid/ nibling/ godchild whatever

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@popstar omg heckin' yes I'll add my name

feel free to wait longer for Afrodominican fams, I have a bunch of white boys

@popstar this seems awesome! I should try to get my mom to have it in her middle school classroom

@popstar What does "middle grade" mean? Is this a "chapter book"? I am trying to assess the difficulty level of this compared to my kid. We don't need to be in the drawing, but it seems cool and I'd buy it if I could page through it to assess the reading level better.

@benhamill middle grade is chapter books, aimed at roughly 3rd to 8th grade. think like, animorphs, percy jackson, the first three harry potter books, goosebumps level stuff.

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