Reminder that tomorrow is April Food's Day, so prepare to bring your favorite recipes to share with other users.

This is 100% not a joke and there will be no pranks associated with Food Day

i didnt think this silly idea would go over so well lol

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@witchfynder_finder that would, indeed, be why. i just wanted an alternate event for people to participate in instead of being wary about jokes


goddamnit, it hurts to type but it is so worth it to for the sake of this: <Orson-Welles-Clapping-Furiously>

@popstar will there be a special hashtag? I'm excited!

@Louisa oh I guess there should be. Maybe ? ? I'm not good at hash tags

@popstar I read this 4 or 5 times before seeing it.


Also, I will be bringing recipes.

@popstar The best way to get rid of a bad habit, which April Fool's Day definitely is, is not just to swear off it but to replace it with something good. Which food definitely is. :) And I think a lot of people are particularly keen to avoid April Fool's Day at this time that's already so miserable for a lot of us.

@xenophora Ooh I'm gonna have to try this (with other random dried fruit I have in the house, but I'm sure it'll be okay)


Oh, yeah. Good if you can have one that's more sweet & one more sour. But if you use two "sweets," just make the dressing less so. :)

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