a medical fetish shop in the UK donated its entire stock of disposable scrubs to a desperate NHS hospital which contacted them for help. so that's where the world is presently.

@popstar Honestly I would trust professional fetishists to do the right thing over political figures approximately 100% of the time, so this sounds right to me.

@popstar Medfetishner Scrooge woke up after being visited by the three Ghosts of Quarantine and decided it was time to do the right thing.

@popstar This is how Spouse and I found out the UK's only medical fetish shop is in our city. So proud. :)

Medical kink 

I wonder if this epidemic is "taming" the medical kink community or if it enhances their pleasure them more as medical needs get more intense. 🤔

Medical kink 

@gattogateaux @popstar my bet is *a lot* of ppl come out of this with a medical fetish.

@popstar As long as it's genuine medical-grade scrubs I applaud the move! (And I imagine they are, fetish should have standards.)

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