uh, so since i am a shut in and i've been working at/ from home for a few years now and we've all got a week or so into this isolation thing let me tell you:

changing from pajamas into pajamas is fun for a time, but you really should keep a somewhat normal schedule by changing into normal-ish day clothes and then into pajamas before bed. it seems silly in the face of everything, but it really will help with keeping you feeling sane and neat.

this is especially important, i feel, if you're stressed out or dealing with heavy feelings of dread or depression. its good to mourn. we all need to mourn our loss of normalcy, but wallowing isn't helpful to you.

so get dressed, splash water on your face, run your fingers through your hair if you can't manage to comb it, and stretch. it really does make a difference and goes far to helping you compartmentalize and adjust in a healthy way.

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@popstar my ex used to be like "why are you putting on pants???" on days when we'd be staying in and it's like... i don't wanna be in pajamas 24/7

@popstar I agree. I spend a lot of time in PJs coz chronic illness. But except when I'm too ill to get out of bed, if not earlier in the day, I always throw on something for when my partner stops work, for our evening together. Even if we are just watching Netflix. Somehow it really does make a difference psychologically.

@GwenfarsGarden i spent like, four years of my worst depression in pajamas, all the time. it just re-enforced my feeling of helplessness and misery. now i make an effort every single morning to put on clothes I could potentially wear out to the end of the driveway and get the mail at least and i have separate actually pajamas/ nightgowns i only wear to bed. its made a world of difference for maintaining stability.

@popstar I try to make an effort every day, but often just getting up and having breakfast is all I have energy for before crashing back into bed. I have noticed on my bad days, when the ME clashes/coexists with my depression, that getting dressed does help, so I push myself. Sounds like you do a better job at it than I, but I guess we do what we can.

@GwenfarsGarden we all have to do what we can. i don't have the option of laying in bed, even on my worst of days. i push myself past my limits and medicate a little too heavily to compensate because i take care of my grandmother and the cooking/ cleaning around here. if i didnt, i would have days in bed where i take care of me in that regard, you do better than i do.

@popstar Ah yeh, I'm also fortunate that my partner does a lot for me and I don't have anyone who relies on me. So from that perspective, I am doing better as I can do self-care in a way you aren't able to.

I do get where you are coming from. For a long time I had no-one but myself (no family etc), and had to push through the depression because there was no-one there to help. So I had to get up each day and push myself.

Sigh, when is anarchist society already?

@popstar 💯 I've been working from home for a long time and going out to the mailbox at 2:00pm in pajama pants is not a good feeling

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