celebrities are really out here trying to organize another singalong to fund raise for people affected by the pandemic like y'all would be so much more useful opening y'all's wallets not y'all's mouths 🙄


you know whose not out here being wishy washy? Rihanna, who pledged some ungodly amount for medical equipment, and Britney Spears who was on her social media buying groceries and diapers and needed things for families directly

@popstar Britney also apparently called for wealth redistribution and a general strike over on her insta, which I'm still fuckin' reeling from hearing about.

@LexYeen Britney Spears came from a poor, poor family and she started carrying them financially before she hit double digit ages. I'm not surprised at all

@LexYeen Britney Spears meltdown in 2007 makes a lot more sense when you understand she's been working in the industry since she was a child as a Mousketeer and has been abused emotionally and financially by her family and managers for all that time. Now she's just a mom geeking out over her kids drawing anime and calling for revolution.

@popstar Britney also endorsed redistribution and a general strike

@robotcarsley @popstar I've seen a few getting behind the rent strike and advocating for it

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