LVMH (yknow, Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton) will be regearing their perfume and cosmetic factories to start producing hand sanitizer for free distribution to the French hospital system and other French health authorities to make up for the shortages faced by medical personnel.


Distilleries in Atlanta and Georgia have halted production to make hand sanitizer for free both for the public in need and have created a disinfecting solution for hospitality workers.

Several factories across the UK, Japan, and China (Foxconn, Dyson, Rolls Royce, Ford, among others) have or are in the process of shifting their production focus to making either raw ingredients or supplies in critical shortage that will then be deployed for free to hospital and research staff in the most dire need of it. Don't mind me, I just think that's all cool as hell.

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i really wrote "atlanta and georgia" :blobfacepalm: i meant "Atlanta and Clayton, Georgia"

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@popstar Psch and Durham, North Carolina, my neighboring city - I'm actually working with some of those folk to redistribute!

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