literally you only need to point to SCHOOL LUNCH DEBTS to understand what a fucking dystopia the USA is

oh but we can make it worse tho

schools with the highest testing scores get better funding while lower scoring schools get nout

you would think the lower test scoring schools would get better funding to help allocate sources to better teach the children, right? congrats, you still have a soul. whoever invented and defends this system sold their soul a long time ago.

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@popstar wait this is an actual thing?? what the fuck??

@Jenkar oh payer funded schools will sometimes deny students- little kids- food because of lunch debt their parents cant pay off. some schools will give you like, a peanut butter sandwich, maybe.some faculty and staff have been put in legal trouble for feeding students, disregarding the debt.

local business people have tried to pay off whole school lunch debts for dozens of students but get rejected, because its not about money, its about putting poor people in their place.

@popstar "But means testing is proven..." to do nothing good when it comes to determining who should prosper, who should suffer, and who should die.

Poverty is *always* the fault of the system, *never* the individual. Fuck means testing.

@popstar I think the real indicator isn't that school lunch debt is a thing

It's that there are people who will defend it

@popstar meanwhile here school is free and kids who can't afford lunches have free lunches... teachers are way underpaid though

@piggo here the teachers are underpaid, the kids go unfed, the schools go unfunded, and when funding does come their way it all gets funneled into sport programs. so you'll have brand new football fields and equipment, but starving kids. its bananas.

@popstar indeed fucked up. I'd expect well paid teachers at least,
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