:levburdislike: Sending every non-white to PV or MyAss under the guise of ""protecting"" them

:levburlike: Making your local spaces unwelcoming to white supremacy and untangling your personal narrative from your whiteness to make and keep more places safe for PoC

if you feel like you aren't capable of, like, basic human decency (ie: Nazis bad) you should not be in charge of any community of people

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deplatforming Nazis works. like there's actual scientific shit to back this up. ban them. make it public knowledge that they are a nazi or a nazi sympathizer. encourage others to ban their presence. don't let them have a voice. it works because most of these people are cowards and the minute you slap them with hard consequences, they run back under their rock where they belong.

@popstar Just chiming in to mention the paradox of tolerance, 'cause I think anyone responsible for maintaining a community ought to know about it and it 100% describes what happens if nazis and other outright fascists go unchecked in community spaces too long.


@LexYeen @popstar Worth mentioning 2 things:

1. The paradox isn't really a paradox, but rather, a socially-accepted peace treaty.

By attacking a person or group of people, whether via dehumanization, or voicing support for segregation, or yes, even outright calling for their deaths, such a person breaks that treaty and is therefore to be subjected to punishment.

@LexYeen @popstar
2. All of these offenses always come from a place of privilege because hierarchies are inherently dehumanizing and unequal. As such, punching up is literally defending one's self from that dehumanization and subsequent oppression. It's literally enacting punishment on those at the top for daring to think themselves better than us and trying to enforce that superiority onto us.

going into shitpost territory now 

re: going into shitpost territory now 

@LexYeen @popstar

The "paradox of tolerance" is the question for when it's acceptable to kick someone out. Most people will say that kicking out actual white supremacists is acceptable but not any little thing you disagree with.

@LexYeen @popstar Just chiming in to say that Kurt Gödel (who was fleeing nazi Germany) got in an argument with the immigration court judge at his hearing over this.

@popstar It depends on how far down the rabbit hole of crazy they are. In many cases deplatforming actually increases racist thinking as all their followers follow them to a different platform that's an echo chamber for racism and hate.

@popstar Public discourse is a nightclub - most people should be allowed in, regardless of their footwear, but you still need doormen to keep the scumbags and riffraff out.

@popstar I've heard tell of black men (proper race warriors,) in Retardistan, who prefer the company of open racists, to the kind of cunt who denies their racism, but very definitely knows how blacks should think better than they do.

Supposedly, the hardest part of stopping a racist being racist, is getting them to realise they're racist.

A job you can totally skip, if your target is aware enough of their racism, to break out racial slurs.

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