youtube views and instagram likes has really skewed with our perception of audience size. so many things arent considered a success unless they crack 100k or 1mil and like ????

a sold out game at Dodger Stadium is 56k seats

a sold out game at the Staples Center, 20k seats

The Greek Theater 5,800 seats

Orpheum Theater 2,000 seats

El Rey theater 200 seats

like.. even if you arent pulling a mil, there's still entire crammed buildings worth of people looking at your content

@popstar I had a toot do 71 favs yesterday. Most I've ever seen. It was so weird.

@popstar im so glad all of my toots get at least 10mil boosts

@popstar I consider my shitposts a success if it makes even a single person happier.

@popstar i watch wrestlemanias and its like 'seating blahblah people' and its never in the hundred thousands and im like what

It is a success in the condition : "according to estimations and expectations".
And as people tend to raise their expectations higher and higher, they also tend to also consider the final results as deception more commonly.

@popstar Also botnets (and paid reviews, etc.) inflate most social media stats.

@popstar we saw a 2014 study of Tumblr once that found that less than 20% of posts had more than 10 reblogs after two weeks and only a few percent of blogs had as many as 100 followers.

10 is a crowd of people.

- 🐍

@popstar Which reminds me of the great words from someone (can't recall who) roughly like this:
Is 4 followers a lot? Depends on whether it's on Instagram or on your way home after a night on town.

@popstar Wanna spam the gd boost button; been sayin' this shit to whoever'll listen for years, and people need the perspective.

@popstar there's a channel I loved that used to do several types of videos I loved, but then cut all of them because it wasn't getting enough views and only focused on their "main" stuff

those videos that got cut would get around 250k views. what the fuck

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