"uncancelling" people like jeffrey star and kat von d for making posts about how theyre gonna change is peak white activism lmao these shady ass racists and anti-semites have years and years of logged in evidence of them being shitty and you don't just fucking uncancel someone for saying theyre gonna try real, real hard to not say a slur


do you wear makeup? cool. here's a list of indie brands not owned, founded by, or in association with fucking white supremacists:

*Beauty Bakerie: black woman owned
*Magnolia Makeup: black woman owned
*Ka'oir Cosmetics: black woman owned
*Sugarpill: asian woman owned
*J Cat Beauty: asian owned
*Sabbatical Beauty: asian woman owned
*Besame Cosmetics: latinx owned
*Alamar Cosmetics: cuban woman owned
*Melt Cosmetics: latinx woman owned

and there are dozens more. ditch you loyalty to racists!

Happy Valentines Day! Here's a few more cosmetic companies to check out that are queer and/ or bipoc focused!

*hiwildflower - queer bangladeshi owned
*bioglitz.co - biodegradable glitter, queer owned
*fluide - queer owned and queer activism driven
*jecca blac - not queer owned but originally created for trans clients of the owner, and gives portion of its proceeds to Mermaids UK

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@popstar i've heard really really good reviews from Beauty Bakerie. i lit look thru their products just out of curiosity. fkfjg

like if i actually wore makeup i would def buy from it. lmao

@popstar thanks for sharing, I'll add it to my mind map for reference :)

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@popstar Thank you for this!! going to share this with my wife when she gets home, she will be totally down. she usually uses urban decay, and I am not sure how their record is aside from being vegan.

@popstar thank you for this list - i hadn't heard of all of these!

@extinct same. Their liquid lipstick is killer for eyeliner

@popstar they also make one of the only true red eyeshadows i've found that's not in a big expensive palette

@popstar i dont wear makeup but I'm gonna share this.

@popstar Juvia’s place, UOMA, Colored raine, and of course Fenty beauty are black-owned if I am not mistaken

@kingarmand @popstar yes, you're right! I was gonna add Fenty and Juvia's place specifically, because I only experience with their products. But I can vouch for them having fantastic quality.

@ZakkiJay @popstar I haven’t tried any of their products if I am honest, just mentioning them to add to the list 😊

@popstar I don't suppose any of these are available in drugstores and/or very cheap? Just getting started in makeup so not sure I know enough to go for anything expensive

@hummingrain i think jecca blac is available in walmart, but the rest are higher end things you would only find online or at a department store or like, ulta. however, if you're just getting started, look into E.L.F. which is cruelty free, cheap, and easy to get in a drug store!

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