white people love to take vacations where they can pretend to be settler colonizers for a few days without examining why they feel comfortable lazing around and being waited on by non-white staff, in a place specifically taken from indigenous people andd terraformed to suit their delicate, paper thin skin

white people can have a little settler colonial fantasy, as a treat :)

i actually don't know enough about this to say whether or not boycotting would be effective or harmful to the people that are now forced to rely on working in the tourism industry, but i can say that if you do take a vacation like this, try to take some time to patron local businesses. be especially aware of cleaning up after yourself, respect the land (don't climb on sacred sites, shit head). be kind. and tip the staff generously in cash and dont report it lmao

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@popstar yeah... I went on a vacation like this once and I was dissociating and moody the entire time because of it which I think may be related to why my friend who invited me on his like dream vacation hasn't talked to me since? haha

@hope ooof. yeah i have some white friends that got mad when i pointed this out when they were planning their trip to the Caribbean lmao

animal cruelty 

tourist capitalism 

@popstar in retrospect I wish I was bolder in being like this shit stinks at the time, but always a process of unlearning whiteness + civility :(

tourist capitalism 

tourist capitalism 

tourist capitalism 

@popstar I came across an analysis of this recently that mainly said that resorts have little lasting positive effect on local economies (they were being compared to extractive industries like fracking, which also do nothing positive). The income they provide locals is good in the short term but if there are not locally owned economic institutions for folks to spend or save it in it just flows out, just like the resort's profits.

Still hard to say though, because that income isn't changing anyone's communities for the better but it might be keeping them fed and housed on the day to day...

@Awizadofearthsea Yeah, exactly. So unless the people themselves call for a boycott or something, I won't say what is or isn't right on that sort of scale. Its not my place. Like ripping away someone's daily income for your moral superiority isnt praxis yo

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