stop being weird about how old you are. i'm 30. that's not shameful, thats cool as hell. i survived 30 years in this hellscape and i'm still, like, a kid.

there's no timeline that you have to accomplish anything by in order to be properly successful. those 30 under 30 lists of successful kids are kids that either hit the damn lottery of lucky breaks or had wealthy parents. that's not a failure on your part.

like, be proud of your age. every level up is an achievement.

@popstar The quarter-life crisis is real and it fucking SUCKS that we've been so horribly conditioned by society to think that we have to have everything figured out by 26

I'm just trying to not cross the line into creepy old weirdo that gets completely ostracized from everyone in society

@Demonsthenes13 sure, that's a valid concern with everyone so hyper focused on youth. i don't think you're creepy at all.

@Demonsthenes13 @popstar same, I still feel like a YOUNG weirdo, dammit!

@popstar i'm 31 and i think people after 20 should be executed. old people suck

@tho i'm sorry you feel that way. i'll pray for you.

@popstar the shit there is left to learn still is incredible. people have had their horizons shortened, but i look very carefully at younger folks to see where they're at on a larger scale now

@popstar fair enough, but I do think worrying about the passage of time is a pretty inescapable part of the human condition

@Aleums well yes, but this is mostly about people that have been taught to believe their window of opportunity shuts at 28 forever

absurd disinformation, mortality/time 

suicide statistics reference 

@popstar You are always welcome on my lawn.

This reminds me of a podcast ep I listened to recently, about how there are so many academic studies dedicated to early successes and prodigies, but not as much toward late bloomers

As a sidenote: fuck capitalism and structures that make it difficult for anyone other than an abled neurotypical human to simply live

age and mortality and achievement 

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