i dunno who needs to hear it, but don't settle for someone that likes you *in spite of* what makes you different. find that person that encourages you to be the fuckinest weirdo possible.

your relationships should make you feel free, not stifled.

@popstar My girlfriend: does some inspired headass dumb bullshit that makes us both laugh for 5 minutes
Also my girlfriend, immediately after: Why do you like me??

Like I'm not with her specifically because of her headass dumb bullshit

@popstar my heartfriend makes me feel completely normal. I don't have try to appear more allistic, or perform standard romantic gestures, or do anything at all that doesn't come to me intuitively. It's really amazing. It's been a year and we haven't had a single conflict; every day is just good.

@alva "heartfriend" is the cutest thing I'll hear all day. I'm so happy for you!

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