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everyone should eat more cookies

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its okay to have a snuggly thing even if its a bear or a bunny or a shark, you don't age out of being comfortable and deserving comfort

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@popstar hottest take

everyone should eat cookies in bed and then pass out

@popstar I have got a cuddly shark, he's called Mark the Shark and was given to me by people who love me so he's very comforting. :)

@popstar Literally if I didn't have my little demon man to sleep with I wouldn't know what to do with my arm

@popstar I have a hand knit shawl that I got in my church's confirmation program. I am quite non-religous, but that little blanket has been my go-to comfort object for the last decade and I take it with me whenever I need it.

@popstar one of the recipes i want to make sometime comes from this medieval nun who wrote a lot of mystical treatises and so on, st. hildegard, and also wrote a lot about medicine

her rx for sadness is literally


that's why the recipe is there. it's the medieval catholic equivalent of "if you has a frownie, eats a brownie". if you need to BANISH MELANCHOLIA, st. hildegard has your back, and thoroughly endorses this hot take

@wigglytuffitout @popstar oh I haven't seen her cookie recipe, do you have a link handy

@hope @popstar here's someone's modern adaptation! The original recipe is uhhhhhh vague as recipes from that time period are, but it was in her entry for nutmeg so nutmeg cookies are where it's AT

@hope @popstar here's someone's post about the original entry from her book as well, if you wanna go real old-school too -

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