white people can name ten studies off the tops of their head about seemingly innocuous aspects of daily life as abuse to dogs, but 🤷 when we talk about the staggering rates of missing indigenous women, systemic cruelties faced by indigenous and brown children in the foster, school, and medical systems, as if they're some goddamn alien race


white people making animal abuse a federal issue, making it legal to break into cars to free dogs

also white people, turning a blind eye to the migrant workers picking their organic bullshit for below poverty wages, big agriculture using legal loopholes to employ child labor and keep workers trapped in a cycle of accruing debt for renting sleep spaces since the company pays them half in company credit to be spent only on company owned stores

white people, making whole databases for media so we know if the dog dies or not

white people casually wearing red face caricatures and slinging slurs and violent anti-indigenous chants because lol its just a sports bro

white people: oh its just star saying things, it'll look good and woke if i boost this and also comfortable because there's a pale face attached to the message

also white people: wait that's a dark person saying things fundamentally identical to star but it makes me examine my whiteness critically and i'm uncomfortable i'd better tell them to stop

@popstar could you not throw all white people on a pile of assumptions please? Thabk you very much.

@blacklight447 nah. Especially not ones telling me not all white people uwu

@popstar @blacklight447

🤣 I love it when white people tone police. Pro-tip, if you feel the need to do the "not all white people," or "not all guys," or whatever, just don't.

I will never understand why dudes and especially white ones feel the need to do this. Let people air their damn grievances without butting in. Yes, everyone knows shit doesn't apply to 100% of a race.

@popstar pretty ironic how someone who seems to be for equality, is highly racist at the same time.


I'm sorry, I agree with the sentiment of this thread, but the website "does the dog die" lists a large amount of triggers. It's important to recognize the impact of all varieties of triggers depicted on film, up to and including depictions of white supremacist/colonialist violence. I just happen to be an example of a person who is triggered by dead cats and that's just as vital to recognize, isn't it?

@genderlessmenace666 you really needed to get in some kind of "well actually", didn't you?


the fuck, I just think that mental health is just as important to think about as racism, sorry to be someone in recovery in addition to an anarchist

@genderlessmenace666 at no point did I say that triggers or mental health were unimportant.


yeah, thinly veiled "lol dumb people who actually feel something when they see a dead animal" as if you can't be just as upset at injustice against the marginalized... you can be upset and/or triggered by either of these things, the cheap shot wasn't needed

@genderlessmenace666 lmfao are you serious right now? This thread was about people who prioritize animals over brown people.


you know, you're right, I'm inflecting way too much personal shit into this

@popstar (doesthedogdie does actually also have a database of timestamps for things that often trigger people with ptsd like scenes of abuse, and also a whole load of common phobias so its actually a very useful tool for ND people but I understand and respect the point that youre making)

@popstar just make it legal to break into cars regardless of context

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