i dunno who needs to hear it (thats a lie i know exactly who you are) but "The Confederate Flag is just Southern Culture uwu" is rotten fish guts for an argument. If you know it started in the 1960s, you must know it began specifically in 1965 after the repealing of Jim Crow laws and an end to lawful segregation.

Your confederate aesthetic began in protest to the repealing of laws enforcing segregation. Its. Racism. As. An. Aesthetic.

@popstar as a Southerner I'd just like to say,

ya damn straight

@popstar I see so many of these on a daily basis and it makes me fucking furious, I want to shoot flaming arrows into all the houses and holler LOVE FROM SHERMAN YOU FUCKS


growing up in the south I heard these excuses constantly and as a kid they always sounded weird to me because it's like, the people using the excuses were also racists so like what, was it supposed to be a coincidence that all the racists liked this flag but the flag itself was unrelated to racism?

@popstar The problem is, they don't care. They know what they're saying is a lie. They just don't care.

They believe they're superior and everything else is just the ends to justify the means.

If one of their lies sticks and gets a given person to shut up and accept their place, so be it. But if not, then they have other, more violent methods to deal with these troublemakers that dare step out of line.

That's literally how conservatives see the world and everyone's place in it.

@KitsuneAlicia @popstar I don't like to assume bad faith, but I'm not sure how else to interpret conservative behavior between 1965-2020

@popstar Killing racists is just trans culture uwu

Sorry Nazis I didn't make the rules uwu

White supremacy, racist violence mention 

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