opened IG to post some holiday photos at the dinner table and the first post on the screen was a scantily clad pin up model that i adore

mom saw it and leaned over to look and asked, "Who is that? She's cute. DM her."


@Cyborgneticz my mother believes in sowing ya wild oats far and wide to see what takes lmao

This is beautiful.

The closest I can touch this is my mom saying about Robin Wright “well, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ right away to her either.”

Sometimes I think my mother would actually have been pretty great if she was born 25 years later.

@AudreyJune my mom is super hetero, but super supportive of me doing and being authentically who i am. but she's also that embarrassing cheerleader mom. it just means instead of every boy i glance at being my boyfriend, its every girl, boy, and androgynous person. Its just everyone in my age range that I look at. I love my mom but also mom, please, its christmas dinner please stop tryna talk me into sliding into DMs

@popstar A+ momming. My mom would just be awkward as heck

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