y'all. lets please stop using "poly" for "polyamorous" and get in the habit of using "polya" or "polyam". the reasoning behind this is a plea from Polynesian folk who have claimed the ID "Poly" for themselves, like, A WHILE ago.

FAQ :psyduck:

A: Its fine if you didn't know, we're always learning.

A: Congrats if you already do this.

A: If you feel esp defensive about this, thats the racism trying to leave your body. Let it go.

A: If you won't, congrats, you're a racist.

@popstar hey do you have Polynesian voices on this that aren't just that one person on Tumblr? B/c what I take from that is that it's not cool to use "poly" in tags/profiles/titles or other places where you're gonna clutter search results or create ambiguity.

Then I also see calls to stop using it in casual conversation, but those in particular mostly seem to originate with white people who are claiming to speak *for* POC instead of amplifying their voices.


@mcmoots i've seen it in discussions on reddit a few times from poly voices, but the threads tend to get locked or nuked bc they very rapidly deteriorate into name calling and vehement white guilt. i dont have any recent sources but i can look for some.

@popstar that would be amazing if you're able! I have somehow managed to avoid becoming a reddit user so I am super bad at finding stuff on it.

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