dating profile griping about not addressing your profile when they message you but the flip side is getting someone who acknowledges every single part of your profile and has multiple lines of commentary and then you date that person and you realize this person has no ability to shut up ever

79% of me and KJ bickering is me shouting, "STOP TALKING" and kj's manic cackling

the rest is a toss up between, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DIDN'T READ THE OBJECTIVE?!" and arguing about how to pronounce things bc i have an accent and he's just wrong

@witchfynder_finder i think its because spanish is my first language that i pronounce some things odd, so i do pronounce things wrong. but also. yell loudly enough and youre never wrong.

@popstar Our bickering is less dependant on yelling and more on "How annoying do I have to be before the other one gives up?" =P

@witchfynder_finder oh no, its just me that yells lmao. i'm mexican. we're loud.

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