insulting people by calling them the names of mildly to supremely unpleasant and/ or annoying things

*you lukewarm sushi
*you forgotten leftover box
*you absolute rancid walnut
*you hidden lego in the night
*you stubbed toe
*you smudged glasses lense
*you expired tin of yogurt
*you weak pot of coffee
*you fart in the elevator

@alex tin? tub? you expired nonspecific container of off brand yogurt

@popstar gotta say I’m /this/ close to posting “this mfer said ‘yogurt tin’”

@alex its tempting to say But I'm TIRED but since you've recently acquired a tiny human, i shall acquiesce to just not wordsing good. i deserve an mf said yogurt tin-ing

@popstar @alex just ate the second tub greek yoghurt

so this would never happen in our house
also, yoghurt is still good for 10 days after the best-before date


I've long encouraged the notion of insulting people by calling them the name of vegetables that you hate.

Eventually, you'll land on a vegetable that they actually love.

@popstar "hidden lego in the night" but it's a power metal lyric

*You sticky floorboard
*You completely damp doormat
*you total fork in the garbage disposal

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