so Starbucks is selling a disgusting looking Halloween frappe made with activated charcoal

and here's your yearly Halloween food PSA that if you take any kind of vital medications, be very very aware of any black foods you consume.

activated charcoal is what sucks up toxins from your body (like in the case of poisonings) but it will also soak up your medications and fuck you up. be careful out there.

@popstar thanks for the heads up, I was peeping that drink today 😂

@popstar Holy hell, really wish someone woulda told me that. Or rather, glad someone finally did

@popstar ...doesn't that mean it also sucks up caffeine?

starbucks is being even further against coffee than usual

@greatjoe i believe its a tropical/ fruity/ creme frappe therefore has no caffeine

but you arent wrong about starbucks crimes against its own products

@popstar how the hell are they not required to tell you this stuff? seems pretty important...

(semi rhetorical question, i suspect the answer is "something something corporate profits")

@popstar some stuff uses squid ink to make it black, which should be fine for medication. but pay careful attention to the ingredience

@popstar @Nervengift especially it may fuck with your contraceptives..

Drink Starbucks, have a baby... ;)

@popstar Also, it'll only "detox" what you eat, so you could just eat less, uh, toxins.
Which does not mean "buy organic", probably it means "drink less alcohol and eat your veg".
And it'll also probably absorb all sorts of useful nutrients.
Indeed, one struggles to see when using charcoal would be useful outside of a medically prescribed poison-control regime.
Really, I wish people could take from this "detox is just marketing buzz-crap". But they won't.

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