i like IG but like every once in a while i fall into the "married at 18, never left my hometown, husband is in the army/ a cop, i have four kids, and i only work for Avon/ LuLaRoe" rabbit hole where every other post is "I am so every day to serve the man of my dreams 😍 Marriage isn't EASY. Its HARD WORK. I HATE HIM sometimes. I NEVER leave the house! I REGRET settling for him instead of going to state U! But we WORK 💪 HARD. My heart is SO FULL." like girl r u okay? do you need evac??

gotta picture her typing this between sobbing into her glass of day wine while her cheating ass husband cleans up all his shit that she flung outside when she caught him with the babysitter

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this is like the battle cry of the "stuck in an unhappy marriage because I either don't know love is supposed to be better than this or religion/ social expectations/ finances/ abuse is keeping me trapped here" and i can't see these posts without being really concerned.

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i'm still reeling over the post i saw that brought this up. like. literally it was like "We've been married for 10 years and I've hated you for 7 of them up until we became IG famous and now we're both models and rich and suddenly you're a lot more tolerable."

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@popstar ohhhhh this :/

Partly why I gave up on facebook and the friends from home. Because that's who most of those people are, minus the "IG famous" part.

But yeah, the inability of so many people to understand what a good relationship can be.... <sigh>

@bouncinglime i keep IG because it is mostly family that i still like + aesthetic + fat POC queer positivity accounts but every once in a while i'll hit the explore page and just.. wow... wooooow... i'm so worried about some people.

@popstar yeah. I try to keep away from that page. Though it's also important to know where "the other side" is coming from.

@popstar I'm fucking dying this is every chick in my graduating class

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