i've had some time to get distance and breath away from the whole witches thing and at the end of the day what i'm always going to remember is that more people apologized to me, more people paid attention, more people generally believed me without too much pushback than they ever did Ro, Deni, Marcia, or Mo.

people have been talking about it since friday. i think before i knew them, i'd only heard about their incidents sporadically for 8 hours, then nothing.

that's not okay. we need to listen

i don't believe for a second that i would have generated nearly as much attention outside my immediate scope of friends, if I were even a few shades darker. If I were slightly less polite, or had a reputation for being curt instead of an airheaded creampuff.

i'm glad if this whole thing makes people more aware and have a serious self reflection about their own ingrained racist behavior, but don't forget that queer black and dark brown folk have been yelling for a long time before me.

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Those 4 are awesome people. I'm glad @denikombucha was one of my first follows and one of the first to follow me back on here. I suspect that has made navigating some of these shit heads easier. I wouldn't know about a lot of problematic shit to avoid otherwise.

I'm still sorry you had to go through that garbage though, no one deserves the shit all of you have gotten from racist and just all around shitty idiots.

Oh, and Get Plenty! #Deni2020

@bort @popstar oh snap! I was? I’m so glad🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽! Get Plenty :TDR: !

@denikombucha @popstar

I don't think you follow me now, but you did when I was at my old instance. I lost some when I moved from "comrade" to "comrades."

No worries tho, I still see all yo stuff and that's all I care about. But totally, when I came from bird site I was mostly into the politics crap and you had a lot of good shit to say (still do).

Stay cool, and fuck racists and shit, they can eat my entire ass.

@bort @popstar oh shit i didn’t kno u switched! Lez fix that follow rq 🏃🏽‍♀️

@popstar this is exactly why I've decided to be more vocal lately.

I realized that when I'm that loud person, no one pushed back. But Deni and all of them were getting shit for the exact same things.

So. I'll be loud. Because I can be an asshole.

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