so the uh.. the first 3 weeks of my 30s has turned out to be unexpectedly polarizing *ahem*

death ment, sad stuff 

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death ment, sad stuff 

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but also I am happier and healthier than I've been in more than a decade.

i found a place where i don't feel alone. i found a readership who are genuinely interested in what i have to say.

i've figured out who and what is worth fighting for. i've figured out that i'm worth fighting for.

i'm aware that the catalyst of yesterday was an event designed to cause infighting, and that the surrounding events were to silence me

well good luck coz the Catholic Church itself couldnt get me to shut up

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and this is just a long way to say thank you to everyone who checked in on me, offered support, offered action. it means a lot.

i'm not going anywhere. i'm gonna still be mouthy and loud and do my best.

anyway lets wrap it up:

*listen to queer WOC about their experiences
*listen to understand someone not to react
*Fuck the Spanish Monarchists
*Vote Deni Get Plenty
*Pay Artists
*Stay Hydrated
*Stay loud and stand your ground, and if you have trouble with that, I will always support you too

@popstar in the short time I've seen you here I have learned that you are powerful, relentlessly optimistic, and not to be fucked with. Thank you for your presence 🙏

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