does anyone familiar with stamping know of a grungy, recycle friendly way to make stamps? i dont wanna just buy tons of rubber blocks.

@popstar Do the stamps need to last long? I have seen examples of stamps cut from potatoes :D

@gwentara @popstar potatoes are the best, especially for experimenting. They do tend to get a weird texture though, because of the fluids & starch in them. It can be hard to get the paint to stay on them.
Not sure if there's a good way yo handle that - maybe just let them dry a bit? I mainly use them with kids, so no patience for waiting.

@panina @gwentara @popstar I’ve had some luck using sweet potatoes, for this reason! They’re usually a little firmer and less moist. 🍠

@magneticcrow @panina @gwentara
I think what I'll do is soak the potato stamp to get all the starch out and then dry it a little until it gets kinda rubbery. I think that should work for the thing I want to experiment on before committing to something more labor intense. Cornstarch should help the paint adhere too.

@popstar a local supply store or carpet outlet may have leftover linoleum chunks you can grab. still rubber but would otherwise be tossed in trash. I've also used wine corks to make small stamps/ letter seals

@glitterwitch Thank you! I think I know at least person that still drinks that get me wine corks lol

@popstar we used to make them outta potatoes when i was a kid, so if you have a market or something you can dumpster dive for off food you could try that?

if you have a baren (you can make one too) you can use all sorts of things, depending what you're printing / stamping onto

food mention 

@popstar I have put foam stickers on bottle caps and jar lids (whatever was a little larger than the foam sticker) to make stamps.But I was given a lot of old foam stickers, so that makes it easier for me, while not necessarily all that applicable.

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