heart health (dieting; advice welcome) 

My cholesterol labs are bad. Not "we're putting you on statins ASAP" bad but definitely "you need more than magical thinking to maintain a long-term functional meat existence" bad.

So... more exercise, more fiber, more fish? The Mediterranean Diet seems like a good combination of evidence-based and delicious for me, except for that pesky bit where you're not supposed to have donuts and ice cream every day.

heart health (dieting; advice welcome) 

I might want to do actual food tracking for a bit? But my experience with food diaries has not been great. I do a lot of improvisatory cooking and it's always a huge pain in the ass to enter the ingredients for a dish. I'm not gonna make the same thing twice or follow anyone else's recipes so having a stored library doesn't help.

Are there good apps that let you be more loosey-goosey with your tracking?

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heart health (dieting; advice welcome) 

@mcmoots I believe one of the main purposes of food journaling is to make you seriously think about what you are putting into your body. You're trying to circumvent it's purpose lol

That said, you don't need to chronicle everything, like spices or every single veg. It's usually good enough to write "1 chicken breast, 2tbsp sweet baby Ray's BBQ sauce, corn on cob, mixed veg"

heart health (dieting; advice welcome) 

@popstar Are you just writing that down in like a notebook someplace?

One of the benefits I'm interested in is the ability to see patterns over time, and I can't get that without more structured data.

I do occasional periods of posting literally everything I eat to instagram, which is fast and easy and helps with the "think about what you're eating" thing. But again, it's hard to see trends.

heart health (dieting; advice welcome) 

@mcmoots for me, using a notebook and pen was most effective. i'm a person that has a hard time conceptualizing unless i do the manual work to accompany it.

i had my set limits for every day: drink x amount of water, have x amount of salad, whats my mood like, how does my body feel, did i take my meds (which i swapped to a digital app later).

i also had weekly limits, like go on x amount of walks, have regular ice cream x amount of days, read x pages etc

heart health (dieting; advice welcome) 

@mcmoots Then for the food journaling itself, i would sit down at the end of the week and highlight how often I ate meat and what kind, how often i hit my veg goals, how often i went off diet, and what my mood and health felt like afterwards and write out the trend myself.

tho still, despite doing this for several years, didnt catch my celiac's until just last year lmao

heart health (dieting; advice welcome) 

@popstar if you're eating as much gluten as a typical diet then I imagine it'd be hard to catch! Like it's just kind of a baseline level of shittiness that's always there, you don't really end up with non-gluten days as a contrast unless you're doing it deliberately.

heart health (dieting; advice welcome) 

@mcmoots Yeah, that's exactly it. I was more or less asymptomatic for most of my life, just "inexplicably, chronically ill". It wasn't until last year that I guess stress trotted out the big symptoms suddenly and I started journaling again, tested my theory, and the journal really helped to bring to light what was going on. So now I'm gluten free and I don't really journal anymore. I probably should.

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