We apologize for this interruption of your beautiful Saturday. July 20th but an important announcement must be made:

You need sunblock.

If you are going to be in direct or indirect sunlight, and you are an organic human being, you need sunblock.

Melanin, while beautiful, is NOT a Get-Out-Of-Skin-Cancer-Free card. It just isn't.

It doesn't matter if you "tan and don't burn", you need sunblock.

Everyone needs sunblock.

@popstar I talked to my neighbor on the porch for five minutes and it was a mistaaaaaaakee 😭😭😭

@popstar If you are of a darker complexion, you’ll find that most sunscreens make you look ashy and pale. Check out Biore UV Sunscreen Watery Gel (or the Watery Essence), which can be found on Amazon and at any store that sells Japanese products. It does not have a white cast whatsoever once it’s rubbed in and dries and it works very, very well. I am black, light-medium complexion, and it works very well and doesn’t sweat off or break me out. Thank you for this toot!

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