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Intro toot!, Selfies w. EC 

Hello Fedi! My name is Citlali but you can call me Lolly or Star. Pronouns are She/They

I am:
*30 y/o
*Pro Baker
*An Author
*Asexual/ Agender

I love a dork named KJ and I toot about him A LOT.

I write about the ancient Aztec empire over on @star

I post about:
*Being gay
*Unlearning Eurocentricity
*Being Mexican
*Chronic Illness living
*D/s lifestyle
*Sales alerts

18+ Only

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CW stuff 

Aside from common CWs I also use:
*D/s Lifestyle
*KJ postin (sometimes)
*Gluten Free (whining, baking)
*Eating Disorders
*Catholic Blasphemy
*Being Fat
*Being fat and sexy
*Surviving domestic abuse
*Surviving Celiacs
*Photos of food

Things I DO NOT Consistently tag:
*Animals esp dogs
*USPol regarding disability, racism, queer politics
*Discussion of food
*Medical stuff

lmk if you need one in particular!

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:lotalac: I haven't done this in a bit, but its posting day for me over at Patreon!

I write an altered history indigenous Nahuatl focused solarpunk fantasy called New Fire that takes place on a flying city where the west and Mexico overthrew its colonizers. We've got old gods, queer girls, and soft boys oh my!

You can check out the latest here:

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because this encapsulates SO MUCH of my life, that even when i am busy i still have the time to poison everyone with my intrusive thought process @MoMartin


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If you're interested in following my writing, learning about my written world for New Fire, characters, research, plans for the future of my writing, you can now follow me over at @star :lotcora:

last call reminder that you can find me at @popstar from now on, so follow me over there for my shenanigans. this account will self destruct in 5... 4.... 3.... 2....

reminder that you can find me at my alt @popstar that's where i am today

@popstar OK, listen: that raven is a fucking annoying piece of shit.

I'm just having a nice dream and all of a sudden I'm getting bombarded with the secret to summoning some elder god I've never heard of.

Fucking piece of shit feathered asshole ruining my dream about being a dragon who kills Batman and becomes God.

reminder that you can find me at my alt @popstar that's where i am today is having an Easter sale. Code EASTER for 20% off sitewide, incl sales. Free shipping over $25 and this is the company that gets their product to me by Friday if I order on a Wednesday ✌️

y'all ever just

fucking, like, love amab enbies

Learning how to sew on a sewing machine: tedious but doable
Learning how to sew on a sewing machine with a 78 year old retired seamstress getting angry because she doesn't remember how to use the machine: well, pray for us

I'll wrap this up on Sunday, probably so you have until then to get at me about wanting this book for your kid/ nibling/ godchild whatever

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Claribel Ortega's Ghost Squad dropped today! Drawing on her afrodominican roots, Ghost Squad is a middle grade book described as "Coco meets Stranger Things with a hint of Ghostbusters"

i'm giving away 2 copies of ghost squad to voracious little bookworms, so if you're the parent of a kid devouring every book in their path, lmk and i'll send you either an e-book or physical copy. for probably obvious reasons, afrodomincan families will be prioritized. :boost_ok:


🎶 🎤

a little bit of cumin on this meat,

a little bit paprika with this beef!

a little bit salt up on this steak,

and a little chili pepper's all it takes!

covid adjacent, mastodon admin, quack medicine 

A lot of these "cheap chloroquine" accounts are trying to sign up on my server. Dozens of them every single day

Not seeing skin color means x-ray vision and you just see a sack of organs and veins and meat and bones wow so weird what is wrong with you

I can't talk to people who don't see skin color because they're just staring at my organs and that's weird

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someone has definitely made this joke before 

*nine inch nails voice*

i wanna pet you like an animal 🎶

meta sarcasm 

@popstar can't wait for this to end with "Lali said we should sacrifice dogs"

selfies, EC 

I have been searching for this lipstick for weeks! Luckily Vanessa brought it back to me bc I apparently left it and some other stuff at her after my going away party 💚💙💚 #finefemmefriday

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