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:lotalac: I haven't done this in a bit, but its posting day for me over at Patreon!

I write an altered history indigenous Nahuatl focused solarpunk fantasy called New Fire that takes place on a flying city where the west and Mexico overthrew its colonizers. We've got old gods, queer girls, and soft boys oh my!

You can check out the latest here:

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because this encapsulates SO MUCH of my life, that even when i am busy i still have the time to poison everyone with my intrusive thought process @MoMartin


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If you're interested in following my writing, learning about my written world for New Fire, characters, research, plans for the future of my writing, you can now follow me over at @star :lotcora:

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Common Topics + Things I CW (to be pinned) 

i've been haunting ravelry and i've seen such a delightfully 70's looking american flag beanie that just.. it belongs on kj's head. he doesn't even wear hats but i'm gonna make it. he needs it.

For those people who try to understand the catalan trial: a really good video explaining what happened and why the accusations doesn't make any sense:

also of note, best friend is 5 years younger than me so in 2011 she would have been about 16 dealing with this. i cannot. the callousness of some people.

blah blah not all tumblr but fucks sake. the fact that *I* got in trouble more often than the people making fun out of grief is evidence that while not all, it was enough. too many.

i met my best friend in 2011 when she was being asked on tumblr what her OCs were thinking about the Tohoku earthquake and the tsunami.

she had just finished posting a "on hiatus due to family emergencies" notice bc she's from Tohoku and still had family there. some lvl 5 galaxy brain thought this was an invitation to make a game out of it.

(i met her bc i can never keep my mouth shut and i ripped into that person who was whining about why she (my friend) didnt want to play along)

stage 5 tumblr fandom poisoning is when you take extremely serious world events that are currently on-going and posing "How do you feel about this, __?" questions to roleplay accounts

because apparently i was the only mexican on tumblr, some dipshit in 2014 decided to ask (my OCs) how they were handling or feeling about the Iguala mass kidnapping of students and then they couldnt understand why i was pissed off with them

god the mishapocalypse is like, the day i left every tv/ movie fandom forever. fandom had become unbearable.

by the time i left, i was only involved in some fantasy/ sci-fi novel groups where the "fan base" was about 30 people, max.

i never saw Amelie, but I was obsessed with "A la folie... Pas du tout" which probably says a lot about why I turned out the way I did lmao

(making my parents watch french thriller/ horrors was very much a thing)

it was a charger that was damaged by being run over by a heavy ass vehicle, what a surprise

newspaper: "Bag explodes on Chicago runway!"
tiny print: "... After being run over by runway vehicle."

fear gets clicks 👍

i downloaded my gender on kazaa and got a virus that turned me gay

This is the first time I have seen it get foggy in our village.

Also small #Mastodogs because Javert is making sure that the grass didn't escape into the fog.

me: hi, would you like to get some [dramatic zoom in] lunch with me [music sting]

you: that [even more dramatic music sting] would be lovely

me: i enjoy [thunder sound effect] our friendship [wilhelm scream]

you: [wilhelm scream] thanks. i'm glad we're friends [howie long scream]

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