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Intro toot!, Selfies w. EC 

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CW stuff 

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:lotalac: I haven't done this in a bit, but its posting day for me over at Patreon!

I write an altered history indigenous Nahuatl focused solarpunk fantasy called New Fire that takes place on a flying city where the west and Mexico overthrew its colonizers. We've got old gods, queer girls, and soft boys oh my!

You can check out the latest here:

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because this encapsulates SO MUCH of my life, that even when i am busy i still have the time to poison everyone with my intrusive thought process @MoMartin


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If you're interested in following my writing, learning about my written world for New Fire, characters, research, plans for the future of my writing, you can now follow me over at @star :lotcora:

I give you one time permission to say the “fuck” word.

If u ever feelnlike u don't wanna follow or see my posts, that is a-ok neither do i

i just saw the comment "This is what would happen if furries took drugs" in response to the disgusting pitbull mask in the die antwoord song and like oh child if you only knew

It's almost winter in my assigned hemisphere, so time to make Nana's #cookies.

At one point I secreted away this #recipe in an area I wrote for a MUD, but it's time to share out in the open.

(transcript in link)

Celiac's, depression 

a ranking of each military branch based on their percentage of bottoms 

Just now finally watching the crab rave video

might mess around and say nonsense for a while

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson oooh I have four wheels

all 👏 cats 👏 are 👏 chicken 👏 nuggets 👏

Celiac's, food, whiny 

Celiac's, food, whiny 

Celiac's, food, whiny 

a gender neutral version of lord/lady is liege

thus it follows:

liege of the dance
LIEGE, in red letters in the Bible, all caps

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