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Okay I'm ready to go public now: The first of my hopefully long line of stickers referencing imagery in my in progress novel has finally arrived! This will be given to my patrons of level $5 or higher, every other month. Check out my Patreon here:

This month's design was inspired by the colorful shawl worn by Nantli, a traditional woven zarape.

Design by me
Refinement, Illustration, Polishing, etc by: Carrie Hewell

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Common Topics + Things I CW (to be pinned) 

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I'm glad so many people agree with this sentiment lmao. If you wanna support me as I continue to write this, the prologue is now available to the public on Patreon and there's a preview of Chapter One below. I post every Tuesday with supplemental info and every Saturday new chapters go live.


Or you can find my Ko-Fi here:

i'm so tired of seeing other mexicans inviting white people to la carne bc they have the *b*r*a*v*e*r*y* to tweet at the president or politicians to take action while doing nothing actionable themselves

stop applauding white people for treating everyone else like human fucking beings.

the bar is literally ON THE GROUND and they only barely meet it.

food: cheesy, gluten free 

do i need some red stone for that, fellow kids

whats a blockchain? sounds like some minecraft shit

food: sweets, gluten free 

the salon i went to inexplicably was covered in superhero .. stuff. like. full statues of Captain America and Spiderman. Iron Man crashing thru the wall. like. in no way was this advertised AT ALL. it looked like just a very standard hair salon. but. no.

Selfie, eye contact, boosts are great 

ahhhh thank y'all for the birthday wishes 💖 💖 💖 y'all're absolute the sweetest

*gently but firmly escorting a bug outside* you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here

treating old folklore like stan culture gossip

@popstar happy 30th! 🎉🎂 I found life got so much better in my 30s. I hope it does for you too.

shoutout to myself for living to 30. happy birthday, me.

30 seemed like such an unattainable goal when i was 15 and my entire reality was a horror show. My 20s were even worse than that. I don't know for sure my 30s will be the best, but I can make sure I do my best, remember my worth, and remember not everyone is deserving of me.

aaaah here's to at least 30 more birthdays 🎉 🎂

thinkin bout that time i made donuts w/ my mom and i made a couple of them an X shape and my mom was like "why" and i said "those are the donots" and she walked out of the room

lmfao maybe totally just fell asleep on the phone with KJ as he was talking about Ottoman Empire history

getting my super long hair cut tomorrow and idk what to do with it??? like i've kinda done everything at some point.

think i might play it safe with a bob.

marvel seriously announced like, 10 movies and 5 Disney+ exclusive series and my brain is full of fuck

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