Hiiii!! ✌️❤️

My name is Alonso and I live in (but it's so booooring here lol!!)
I love (About obviously lol), , , and

I also like to hang out w my bff Sancho, might even convince him to join the fedi :blobgrin:

I heard this was the number one Knight-centered instance and JUST HAD TO JOIN!!! :blobhearteyes: :blobhearteyes:


@u Dulcinea is the most beautiful maiden in all La Mancha and I"ll not suffer anyone sullying her name by implying she's "WIFE"!!! :blobangry: :blobangry:
Come to the Castle of El Toboso in the next five minutes to get an ass kickinG!!!!

@pentaro please forgive me I didn't mean it like that

@u If thou wert a knight, as thou art none, I should have already chastised thy folly and rashness, miserable creature!!!!!

Not just anyone can follow the chivalry code lol :blobsunglasses:

@pentaro such grace, mercy and compassion, I am in the presence of the truest of knights

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